Wedding information

Do I need a tasting?

Not everyone needs to come in for a tasting. If you prefer, you can stop by any time we are open and purchase a variety of flavors to try at home.

If you are having a small wedding (less than 75 people) or you are looking for a small cake for cutting or serving your head table, stopping by and purchasing a variety of flavors is a great option for you as well!

When should I schedule my tasting?

 Sometimes it is hard to know when to plan certain parts of your wedding. This is especially true in Michigan, where we have a shortened "wedding season".  We recommend scheduling your tasting anywhere from 6-12 months prior to your wedding. If your wedding is during the off-season (Nov-Mar), you can sometimes plan closer to 3-6 months in advance. 

What if I have food allergies?

 We regularly work with guests with a variety of food allergies and dietary restrictions. 

 While we take precautions to prevent cross-contact, we cannot guarantee it as we work with many common allergens in our bakery. 

If you have guests with allergies, we offer individually boxed regular size cupcakes to accommodate their dietary needs.

When should I reserve my date?

We always recommend booking any wedding vendor as soon as you find the one you want to work with.  If you are getting married during wedding season (April - Oct), we strongly recommend reserving your date at least 6-9 months in advance.  In the off-season this can usually be shortened to 2-4 months if needed.

Schedule Your Tasting

We have two types of tastings you can schedule with us. Our self-guided tasting works well for just about everyone. For this tasting, you will be filling out your tasting worksheet while enjoying a variety of cupcakes. We will have staff available for questions as well. You will receive your final quote via email within 48 hours of completing your tasting. You may be accompanied by another couple. 

We would recommend a private tasting if you are interested in a large tiered cake or a custom design. You will receive a written quote at the end of your appointment. These tasting appointments are more limited in availability. 

Reserve Your Date

Once you have decided that you would love to work with us as much we would love to work with you, it is time to reserve your date!

When booking your wedding with us, there is a $100 non-refundable booking fee. This is applied to your  final invoice as well.

When filling out the "Book Your Date" form, you will not need to know what you are ordering, just that you want us to make it for you!

Wedding Pricing

Tiered Cakes

 Starting Pricing for 2-tiered Cakes:

6" and 8" round (20-25 servings): $95

6" and 10" round (30-40 servings): $125

Cakes that are three tiers or taller are priced on an individual basis. The final costs being dependent on overall size and design.

Kitchen Cakes

Kitchen sheet cakes are a great option when paired with a small display cake. This is a very delicious, yet cost effect option for your dessert.

Single Layer (no filling) - $1.90/serving

Double Layer (with filling) - $2.50/serving


Cupcakes are a fun way to create a beautiful display and provide many flavor options. We recommend approximately one regular size or two mini cupcakes per guest.

Regular Size Cupcakes - $30/dozen

Mini Cupcakes - $15/dozen

6" round cake to cut - $35+

Dessert Bar

For those who would like even more variety for their guests to enjoy, we recommend choosing options from our dessert bar menu! We plan on a total of two items per person, and typically at least two flavors per type of dessert.

Mini Cupcakes - $15/dozen

Brownie Bites - $14/dozen

Mini Cookies - $13/dozen

Pie Poppers - $18/dozen

Rice Krispie Treats - $12/dozen

Cheesecake Bites - $20/dozen

Dessert Shooters - $36/dozen

6" round cake to cut - $35+

Rental Options

We know that purchasing cupcake stands and platters to use for one day doesn't always make sense, so we offer a variety of them that you can rent! We aren't a full rental company, so they are mix and match in style, but you can definitely choose your color(s). We offer gold, silver, black, and galvanized stands and platters.

We charge a flat rental fee based on the number of desserts you have, as well as a small deposit that is refunded once you return the stands. 

Delivery and Set Up

We are pleased to be able to offer delivery and set up service. While small cakes and dessert orders can easily be picked  up, large cakes and dessert orders are often very cumbersome to handle. We are able to deliver and set your dessert table up for you. This cost is determined by the size of your order and location of set up.

If you are purchasing a two tiered cake, it is stacked while in the bakery and available to be picked up. We use supports and skewers to keep these cakes sturdy, we also use heavy duty insulated boxes to keep them safe in your car.

If you are purchasing a cake that is stacked over three tiers high, we typically transport the tiers individually boxed and set up the cake on site.  Pick up is not an option for these cakes.